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Losing Track

of Your Sales?

Getting a

Point of Sale System in Jamaica 

couldn't be easier! Protect your inventory by choosing a Touchscreen, Desktop or Tablet System for your business.

Prices start at

 25,000 JMD

5 stars

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Touchscreen Point of sale system with recceipt printer, barcode scanner & cash draw. CRE POS

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We can help.

Talk truth, making sales without using a Point of Sale Machine to keep track is tedious. Writing sales receipts is another hurdle. 


No worries, Primo Tech will solve all these problems when we install your Point of Sale System;

         Track inventory

         Remotely access real-time sales

         Fast checkout

         Run reports

         Quickly detect discrepancies in your inventory and much more.

Here's how it works

We have served over 150
businesses Islandwide

will yours be next?

Our Projects

Here are a few projects that we've done. We supply, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, retails stores, minimarts, clothing stores and more with point of sale systems (POS) in Jamaica (Islandwide). 


How can a Point of Sale System in Jamaica help you?


Fast checkout

Complete transactions faster by scanning items.

inventory or stock management

Stock management

Theft protection, Add stock, change prices, low stock alerts & more.

Report checking on phone


Use your phone or laptop to see how much you're making from anywhere


TTK Smoothies & more in Linstead Jamaica

Faster Checkout Process

Service was exceptional. The company representative was very patient and ensured that employees understood the software to every extent. There was quick delivery and installation. The system makes the checkout process faster.

TTK Smoothies & more , Linstead, St. Catherine

Speed & truck Rim store inside

Better Inventory Management

Primo Tech Ja LTD provided a top notch  service second to none. Calvin the technician who installed my POS system is highly knowledgeable and technical about his work. I am now better able to manage inventory/stock. I recommend this company to anyone who seeks to do business with them.

Speed & Truck Rim Store, Ocho Rios, St. Ann

Mayfield Falls in Westmoreland Jamaica

Remote Access to Reports

We are giving Primo Tech thumbs up. We enjoyed their services. They are patient and are incredibly knowledgeable. Great customer service and we can see the reports and camera system from our phones.

Original Mayfield Falls, Westmoreland

What is a Point of Sale System?

A point of purchase more commonly known as a point of sale, is where customers purchase their goods and services. The point of sale system is the hardware and software that facilitate sale transactions.

Apple Tablet point of sale system done for Shay's restaurant in Kingston Jamaica

POS for Shay's Restaurant 

By Primo Tech

Faster Checkout Time

Isn’t it hard writing receipts all the time? Why spend loads of time writing a receipt when a point of sale system will print one out for you? Often when a business' checkout time is too slow it deters customers from doing business with them.


Your business in Jamaica also comes off as disorganized when you have to be searching through papers for prices of items when you could quickly check it on your point of sale system. Customers don’t like to wait, so a fast point of sale helps with customer satisfaction.

Tablet Point of Sale (POS) system at an African Restaurant in Montego Bay Jamaica. Provided by Primo Tech
9JAJAM African Restaurant Logo

POS for 9JaJam African Restaurant
Montego Bay

By Primo Tech

Waitress using a tablet Point of Sale (POS) system at a restaurant in St
hibiscus lodge hotel and restaurant logo

POS for Hibiscus Lodge
Ocho Rios

By Primo Tech

Better Stock Management

It is hard to remember thousands of items and when you are low on specific stock. Having a Point of Sale System (POS) for your business in Jamaica makes it pretty easy to keep track of your store’s inventory. You can manage your inventory in real-time, know how much you are making per day, month, week etc.

All you have to do is scan your items, enter the amount you have, save them and the inventory will be updated on the POS software.

When the items are sold, they are deducted from your inventory with each transaction. This is absolutely amazing for you because you will be able to keep track of the quantity of each item sold and of those the store has in stock. The POS software will also alter you when you are running low on a specific product.

Remotely Run Reports

See exactly how much you are making daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by checking your reports on your point of sale machine in Jamaica. 


Use your phone or laptop to connect to the POS system even if you are overseas! Check your stock quantity for each item and set low stock alerts so you can restock even before running out.


Just set a re-order point; for example, put in the system that when ten (10) of a specific item are left, then the system should alert you so that you can order before running out.

Touchscreen Point of Sale System installed at Westmoreland, Jamaica

POS for a Cafe in Westmoreland
By Primo Tech

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-06 at 4.41.22 PM.jpeg

POS for Jamaica Defense Force (JDF)
By-Primo Tech

Better Security

Invest in a point of sale system for your business in Jamaica. It provides some security since room for employee’s dishonestly is greatly reduced. This is because you’d be able to pick up on missing items quickly while it is next to impossible to notice without a point of sale system for your business.

For example, you have 10 biscuits in stock and at the end of the week, the system says 4 were sold and the cash for those 4 biscuits is in sight.  However, you notice that only 3 biscuits are left in stock when you should have 6 left since only 4 were sold. Immediately, you’ll know that you are missing 3 biscuits and your employees could be dishonest.


So, you’d know you need new employees and you know this long before your business gets a chance to run to the ground. If a customer was the culprit who took the biscuits, then hopefully you have cameras in place to pick them up. 

Improved Image

We are told not to judge a book by its cover yet we still do. Customers do see your competitor who has a point of sale system as superior to your business that relies on paper. Ouch! Its true, they think those businesses with point of sale systems take their businesses seriously and are making enough to be able to purchase one while those without are sometimes perceived to be struggling.

With a Point of Sale (POS) System in Jamaica, customers wait time is reduced drastically, transactions are faster especially when a barcode scanner is used to scan items. Your business in Jamaica then earns trust, respect and credibility. Remember, customer satisfaction can lead them to recommend and bring others to your business.


All in all, its crucial to have a Point of Sale (POS) System for your business in Jamaica, because it provides you with better inventory management, save customers’ and your time, enhance the security and image of your business.

Desktop Point of Sale (POS) system at Total Energies gast station in WhiteHouse Westmoreland. Provided by Primo Tech
Total Energies logo

POS for Total Energies Gas Station

By Primo Tech

We'll help you protect your Inventory.

Point of Sale system for Devon House Ocho Rios. Employee using POS. Provided by Primo Tech
Ice Cream Machine- Devon House Ice Cream Logo

POS for Devon House I-Scream - Ocho Rios
By Primo Tech

Quick setup

We set up your POS system at your business in Jamaica once, and you're good to go. No hassle or complex procedures.

Whether you need one system or 10. We deliver!  It has never been easier to get a Point of Sale system in Jamaica for your retail or service business.

Point of Sale System for Taggy's Groceries & Meat Shop in Montego Bay Jamaica. Cash Register Express POS software. Installation done by Primo Tech.

Touchscreen POS for Taggy's Groceries - Montego Bay by Primo Tech

Flexible pricing

With Primo Tech's reasonably priced Point of Sale systems in Jamaica, you can rest assured that your resources are spent wisely.

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Starting price 99,999 JMD

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Full system, free training, free two (2) weeks support

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Budget friendly POS systems

Denigh High School Entrance. Multiple Point of Sale Systems installed at Denbigh High School in Clarendon Jamaica. Provided by Primo Tech
Denbigh High School Logo Crest

Touchscreen POS for Denbigh High School - Clarendon
By Primo Tech

All industries

We serve all industries, & tailor our systems to fit your business. Whether you have a retail or service business, a Point of Sale

system in Jamaica is a powerful asset.

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Hotels & resorts

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Health Care

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Spas & Salon

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Gas Stations & more

Available Packages

Point of Sale System (POS)

Get a tablet system that is affordable and can manage your inventory. Prices start at $95,000 JMD.

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10 inch Android Tablet

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Receipt Printer

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Barcode Scanner

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Cash Drawer

Cloud Software