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How to Hold a Receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale

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There are times when a customer begins ordering items but has to break for one reason or the next. For example, a customer might need to pick up another item but will return to complete cashing out in short order. Waiting on this customer can really hurt the efficiency of your business so what do you do? You simply put the receipt on hold and then continue to process other transactions until the customer gets back. Here is how you do that using QuickBooks Point of Sale;

1. Click on 'make a sale'

Select make a sale to start the transaction.

Make a sale on quickbooks POS machine

2. Scan/search for items

Add all items the customer wants.

Scan and add items to QuickBooks check out list

3. Click 'Put on Hold'

Hold receipt once the customer promises to return but needs to leave before he/she gets to complete the transaction.

Putting items on hold in QuickBooks point of sale

4. Click 'Held Receipts' when you want to retrieve the receipt.

When the customer returns, select held receipts to retrieve the order.

QuickBooks interface showing a click to held receipts

5. Click 'Unhold'

Select 'Unhold' to continue the transaction with the customer.

QuickBooks POS interface showing a click to unhold held receipts

6. Complete the transaction

Proceed to complete the transaction once the customer is ready to purchase.

QuickBooks interface to complete transaction

You can decide to enter other information in but those are not necessary if you don't want to fill in all the information asked. We trust that you now know how to add a new item in QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

If you need a Point of Sale System in Jamaica, then you can contact/Whatsapp us at 876-229-0879 or email us at to purchase one from us.

If you need QuickBooks Point of sale software installed, then you can contact/Whatsapp us at 876-229-0879 or email us at to purchase it from us.

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