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How to make a Sale in QuickBooks Point of Sale

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Get Started

1. Open QuickBooks

Double click to open QuickBooks.

Interface of a click to QuickBooks POS

2. Log in

Select your user name and appropriate password.

Interface of the log in page of QuickBooks POS

3. Click 'make a sale'

Click the 'make a sale' icon that is to the right of 'customer orders'

Interface of a click to make a sale in QuickBooks

4. Scan or enter item information

If you have a scanner, scan the item and it will be added to the checkout list. If you don't have a scanner, type in the name of the item and click on it when it comes up. It will get added to the checkout list.

Interface of QuickBooks Item search

5. Check out

Once you are done adding items to the check out list, click cash, credit, debit, check, gift or account depending on the method of payment received from customer

Interface of QuickBooks POS Check out page

6. Press Cash

Where you see 'amount', type in the amount of cash the customer gave you. So if you got $20,000 JMD for this particular transaction, you type that in.

Interface of QuickBooks POS box for typing in amount of cash received from a customer

7. Press Save

Click the blue 'save' button

QuickBooks point of sale software showing save button

8. Press Save and print

Return customer's change and in this case that would be $5,000 JMD. Print a receipt and hand it to the customer. The receipt printer will auto eject as well; place the cash received into the cash drawer. If you don't want to print a receipt, then simply press 'Save Only'.

Interface of QuickBooks Point of Sale Check out page

9. Press 'OK' on the pop up

Press 'Ok' and print if you see a second pop up and then start another transaction all over again.

QuickBooks POS interface of customer's change

If you need a Point of Sale System in Jamaica, then you can contact/Whatsapp us at 876-338-3103 or email us at to purchase one from us.

If you need QuickBooks Point of sale software installed, then you can contact/WhatsApp us at 876-338-3103 or email us at to purchase it from us.

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